Update or Redesign for Existing Website- comes with Content and Marketing Strategy

Update or Redesign for Existing Website- comes with Content and Marketing Strategy

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Comprehensive Development and Marketing Plans

Creative Concept Industries has a three pronged approach to building your website traffic and increasing sales. We use a simple methodology based on content, networking (social media), and developing new marketing channels.  Our system is simple and works because it does not rely on inaccurate and low conversion methods such as Facebook, PPC, Google, and other forms of mass social media exposure.  

Content Strategy

Content is the most important strategy that you have in your digital marketing plan. Content is vital to increasing sales because content provides several important marketing functions as well tying together your marketing strategy.

  • Content builds organic traffic- this is traffic that comes directly from search results to your web pages or products. Organic traffic builds page rank and is the most likely traffic to convert into sales. Content is sharable on social media channels and provides the ability for your site to network more efficiently.

Networking Strategy (Social Media)

Most SEO and Social Media marketers will tell you that you need to advertise on Facebook or PPC on Google.  This is not using social media to the greatest advantage.  Networking is an old and strong marketing practice that predates the internet. Using new social media networks we can find the right strategy for connecting with clients and raising awareness without resorting to expensive advertising. Simply sharing your content on platforms such as Pinterest can gain you new clients and strategic partners. The trick is knowing which platforms to use. 

Marketing Channels Strategy

Marketing channels- If you are selling products, it is likely that you have looked at Amazon and eBay and maybe you use them now.  Chances are there are other outlets that you don’t know about. The internet is a big place an we constantly finding new sales channels that we did not know about or that are new. We will help you find the right channels for your business.

Your marketing is too important to simply throw money at Facebook ads hoping for the best. You need to invest into your digital marketing structure and create strong channel and sustainable growth from search results.  We are not saying that it will be easy and that it does not take time but our Digital Marketing Development Plan provides you with the system for building your online sales and traffic.  With our plan we provide your company with an analysis of your site showing the weak points and strengths of your ecommerce.  This analysis also includes and social network plan that is designed to maximize your unpaid social media for credibility and conversion.  We will give you a plan that also is efficient for managing all of your media.  In the last part of the plan we research as many marketing channels as possible that will fit your site as well as possible leads offsite. Here is what you receive:

  • We will also give you recommendations for future content needs.
  • The best social media channels for you to use, how to use them and how to integrate them with your website. Not all social media is useful in every circumstance sometimes using only a few can be more efficient and effective.
  • Marketing channels, we research and find the best possible marketing channels excluding your current channels. We are not going to tell you to use eBay if you are already using it. :) We show you the channels and help you learn to use them.

This is a comprehensive plan that requires communication between you and CCI. We will contact you within 24 hours of purchase to get started. All reports are delivered on PDF documents such that you can refer to them as needed.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.