Fully Developed Primal Diet Fitness Website "Diet Diatribe" w/eBook
Fully Developed Primal Diet Fitness Website "Diet Diatribe" w/eBook

Fully Developed Primal Diet Fitness Website "Diet Diatribe" w/eBook

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Primal Diet Fitness Website

This is a fully branded turnkey business that is suited for individuals looking to sell a primal diet system.  If you are a trainer, fitness coach, or diet expert who works with primal eating systems, then this site is great way to get you selling online or to expand your existing ecommerce.  This is scalable site that comes with content that can be adjusted however you desire. Primal Dieting is fast growing market that provides unlimited opportunities for expansion.

What comes with this business?


This website comes with a starter eBook called “Diet Diatribe” this is introduction book for individuals seeking to lose weight and are new to primal eating. The book is designed to be forceful and engage weight loss through harsh truth tactics. Here is an excerpt from the book:

The concept of diet has become so ambiguous and broad in meaning that it hinges on being meaningless. The diet has also become entrenched in controversy and ambiguity with everyone from professionals to laypersons trying to exploit the market for weight loss.  The problem is not that most diets do not work, on the contrary, most of them do- if you follow them. The larger issue is the fact that diets fail because they are unrealistic.
Why are most diets unrealistic? The answer to this question is simple. Most diets are based on creating healthy eating patterns which are often outdated or impossible to maintain with the modern lifestyle. For example, many diets require a person to cook meals sometimes preparing as many as 5-6 meals per day. For many people this is absolutely impossible to maintain for any length of time due to the nature of work. The average American works more than 40 hours per week. Less than 8% of Americans work less than 40 hours per week. The time spent working is only part of the problem. One has to account for commuting and for other time costing activities such as family responsibilities, household chores, and personal time. For someone working between 40 and 50 hours per week, there is very little time for preparing meals and constantly going to the grocery store. Time is such a large factor in dieting that most diets are simply not realistic for the average American. 
Diets are designed in this unrealistic manner as a result of outdated thinking or the unrealistic expectations of the designer of the diet. For instance, a body builder might design a diet that consists of 6 meals per day which is a perfectly reasonable diet for a body builder.  The body builder is not taking into account that most people do not spend the bulk of their time focused on working out and being healthy. It is common knowledge that purchasing foods and preparing one’s meals is healthier than eating out; however, the time spent performing these acts is often scarce...

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The “Diet Diatribe” book. Fully developed eBook with 25 pages of single spaced writing with photos. The book is designed to engage new dieters and is written with a critical slant towards diets and “overweight thinking”. This book can be sold on Amazon, or any other eBook distribution platform.

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This business also comes with basic content such as an about page, welcome page, and basic primal eating plans.


The content in the book, blog, and pages is your copyright! You can use it as you see fit.


Domain and Email Setup

This business comes with dietdiatribe.com domain and email through CCI as the hosting company. This provides you with a profession email and store URL as well as 24/7 email and domain support from a leader in the hosting industry.  

So how does this work?  

Once you have made your purchase you will be contacted by CCI and you will be instructed on how to change the ownership of the store into your name or company name. You will need to fill out a credit card authorization form for change of ownership.  CCI will place the store, domain, and email in your name and provide you with the account login and passcode.  You will then be able to access your new store as the owner.  (Don’t worry everything is explained and CCI will walk you through everything!)

I am ready!

If you are ready to own a store and eBook, then all you need to do is purchase this complete package. You can have your store in a day. There are few businesses that come ready to market and fully operational. If you are ready own this business, then we are ready help you!