52 Articles for your Website or Blog

52 Articles for your Website or Blog

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Need content for your website? 

If your website is not getting traffic, then it is most likely due to a lack of content.  Written content is still the number one method of generating traffic and sales.  Sites that lack relevant content will never achieve their full potential for selling.  

How it Works

Creative Concept Industries specializes in creating WEB content that is relevant to your products and brand.  We offer this quarterly subscription that provides you with three months of content (twelve articles) that you receive on a monthly basis. It takes 14 days to receive your first 4 articles which are new and original.  You will receive your next 4 articles 30 days thereafter. 

All articles are 700 or more words, but never less than 700. We will not use word filler such as large quotes. 

Articles are shipped via email.  You own the copyright to these articles such that you can use them in any manner you want.  You purchased and own the copyright and will be identified as such.  

Once you have made purchase, we will contact you to find out what type of articles you need.  We may need to view your website and ask some questions in order to determine the type of content you are seeking. Once we have identified your content needs we will begin writing your articles. 

If for any reason you are not happy with the sample we will attempt to correct the issue prior to sending. 

Return Policy 

By purchasing these articles you agree to our Terms of Use and Refund Policy