Male Enhancement Products Business

Male Enhancement Products Business

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Male Enhancement Products

This low maintenance turnkey business is focused on selling male enhancement products.  Male enhancement products are a multibillion dollar industry and it is easy to get started with a product line. This is a dropship model so there is no costly inventory. CCI makes getting started with this business simple and efficient with a prebuilt ecommerce system.

What comes with this business?


When you purchase this Male Enhancement Business you get an ecommerce store that comes fully loaded with hundreds of products for drop shipping. These products have complete manufacturing descriptions and high quality photos. These products are also fully organized in collections which makes it easy for customers to find them. To build these products on your own in a Shopify store would take weeks or months of work.

The products on your store are distributed by Eldorado, a leader in adult toys and entertainment.  With hundreds of well-known manufacturers and brands, Eldorado products are always in high demand. You will always have access to new and changing product lines to keep your site selling. 

Male Enhancement Products

Worried about inventory? Don’t CCI makes inventory management a breeze! CCI works with you and manages your inventory weekly so you can concentrate on marketing. Inventory management is included in the price of the store.*

Web Content

Your store comes with basic content such as an about page, welcome page, and small descriptions for collections. You also receive one starter blog consisting of 1000 words of original content. The content on these pages is your copyright and you can use it as you see fit. The blog is generalized for your industry and because it is yours, you can modify it anyway you wish.


Your store comes complete and built on the Shopify platform. Shopify provides a stable low maintenance content management system that is easy to learn and utilize. Because you are purchasing a Shopify store it comes with the standard Shopify support system. You also get 30 days of development support as well as lifetime email support from CCI. You also always have Shopify and CCI documentation to help you when you need assistance. To build a website that is comparable to this one would cost thousands of dollars and would take huge amounts of time.

Domain and Email Setup

We setup your domain ( and email ( using CCI as the hosting company. This provides you with a profession email and store URL as well as 24/7 email and domain support. 

Branding Assistance

CCI will assist you with developing your brand and the steps you will need to take to maintain and continue developing that brand.  

So how does this work?  

Once you have made your purchase you will be able to download the starter kit for your store (it’s also emailed). This will be zip file with several documents. The documents include:

  • Eldorado forms to get your login and account access to Eldorado.
  • You will also get a short form asking about your business name and other ideas that you may have for your business.
  • You will also get a credit card authorization form for CCI to purchase your your recurring billing on Shopify. (You will not be charged anything else until your next billing period which is yearly for domain/email hosting and monthly for Shopify. You credit card authorization is only for the recurring payments and place your store in your name as the owner.

Once you have filled out your forms and returned them, you will be given an access code to your website. You will then be able to access your new store as the owner.  (Don’t worry everything is explained and CCI will walk you through everything!)

So what are the recurring charges?

Your email and domain registration will cost approximately $75 which is included in the cost of this package. This cost breaks down to approximately:

  • $20 per year for the domain
  • $55 per year for your email

Your Shopify store costs approximately $30 per month. This is a basic Shopify plan that you can read about here.  Your approximate recurring monthly charges are $30 per month and your annual recurring charges are $75.

I am ready!

If you are ready to own a store and start selling, all you need to do is purchase this complete package. You can have your store up and running in a day. There are few businesses that can be setup and started that quickly. If you are ready start your own business, we are ready help you!

*Currently, product management is free but this could change in the future if the size of product lines change or if other factors create issues with product management.