Magento to Shopify Migration Services

Magento to Shopify Migration Services

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If you are looking to shift from Magento to Shopify, CCI can assist you.  These migrations can be complicated and time consuming but luckily for you we have tools to accomplish this task and make it less difficult. 

CCI offers a migration package that is based on the number of URLs your site has.  This is a straight transfer of content and page construction in which we rebuild you site on a Shopify theme and match the URLs from the old site to the new one in order to maintain SEO.  The package includes:

  • Setup of your Shopify basic, Shopify, or Advanced plans. (we will assist you with setting up your account and preferences)
  • Content transfer- pictures, pages, products, blogs will be rebuilt to match your old site.
  • URL matching and forwarding- it is vital that your old URLs correspond to the new pages on your site or you will lose SEO and page rank.
  • Transfer of customers data and order data. 
  • SEO Metadata and tagging transfer, we make sure that your new pages are tagged correctly and that your metadata is matched with the old site. 
  • Domain pointing to Shopify store.

The migration from Magento to Shopify can be a difficult process and there are many issues that can arise during the migration. This migration package is a basic overview of the services that we provide, and does not include the cost of applications or customizations that may be needed for your store.  (example: If you have special applications that are custom built for your site this will cost more.) For these reasons, we advise contacting us prior to purchase so that we can examine your site and provide you with a more accurate cost and timeframe for conversion. 

These packages are based on 30-90 day increments.  Once you have made purchase we will tell you more accurately what your timeframe will be. We try to get all conversions performed in a 30 day period but depending on your site and applications and customizations we may need longer.