Ecommerce Workshop

Ecommerce Workshop

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CCI & 808COMTECHs provide an ecommerce workshop every Saturday at the Honolulu Coffee Company. The workshop will be held directly after a regularly scheduled meetup for "Avoiding the pitfalls when starting a business.

The Workshop

This workshop is focused on developing ecommerce and business solutions. Most of the individuals attending will be working in the Shopify system but Wordpress and other platforms may attend. This is workshop meant to assist the business owner develop his or her business from the digital end. We emphasize the use of Shopify in this workshop because it is the best ecommerce platform in the world.  If you are building in WordPress you are also welcome to attend and we can assist you with your business development. 

The workshop is meant for individuals learning their website or for those entrepreneurs who need assistance with planning their marketing or other business processes. 

Appropriate topics in the workshop would include: Admin setup, front page design and organization, products, collections, web pages creation, POS systems, pricing, shipping, social media integrations, customizing your store, Shopify and Wordpress Themes. 

These workshops are intended for our DIY Shopify businesses but if you need assistance setting up a Wordpress store we can help you. 

We take a grassroots approach to business development and use an "entire-business" approach which is meant to provide basic customizations and solutions for individual business problems while saving you large costs for development.