Digital Goods Product Augmentation- Proposal

Digital Goods Product Augmentation- Proposal

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Digital goods are perhaps the best online product in terms of profit. After a digital good has been created it will sell over and over.  While the market for digital goods is extremely large and competitive it is also dynamic because there is no limit to the number of digital goods that can be created.  

Just because you have a traditional product does not mean that you cannot sell digital goods. In fact, we recommend that all businesses should be selling them. Digital goods are a great way to augment your existing product or service.  These goods can provide income to supplement slow seasons as well as producing sustainable income. These goods also add content to your website and can bring you more customers. Almost any business can utilize digital goods. 

Digital goods also create competitive advantage. While your competitor is trying to sell just his products you can be offering digital goods which enhance and your products and services and make them more sellable.  

When you purchase this report you will be sent an email asking for your website. CCI will examine your site and product line or service and then generate a report describing the type of digital good you should have on your site. The report will give you prices for digital good creation as well as timetables for these goods to be delivered.