Development Shop with Video, Documentation, and Email Support
Development Shop with Video, Documentation, and Email Support
Development Shop with Video, Documentation, and Email Support

Assisted Development for Shopify: Free Development Store, with Video, Documentation, and Email Support

Are you thinking about opening a Shopify store? 

Don’t pay to open your store and then struggle through months of cost and development time. CCI offers a free development shop where you can work and learn about your ecommerce and save money and time. The development shop provides you with your Shopify store where you can learn and build your store to the way you want it. When you are ready, let us know and we will switch the ownership over to you. You only pay when you are ready to launch.

What comes with the development store?

Development stores are just like the paid plans but you will not be able to link a domain or link payment systems until you have chosen your paid monthly subscription. The development store comes with all the same development features such that you will be able to build your store complete and then launch.  Development stores are essentially just like regular Shopify stores but they are not capable of taking payments or pointing to domains.

You will also get email support from CCI. We will answer questions and provide you with information for assisting you with your store’s development. We also provide documentation for assisting you with your store- available on our website.  Along with the documentation there are videos available on our blog that will help you with marketing and sales. 

What’s the cost?

There is a one-time charge of $20 for the setup of your development shop. This charge also is used to verify your identity. This is a one-time charge and provides you with access to your Shopify development store allowing you unlimited time to work on your store.

Remember CCI provides you with email support for all aspects of your ecommerce development.

Allow 24 hours for your development store setup.