A Domain, Website, Professional Email, and a 1000 Word per Month Blog for $100- A complete business package.

A Domain, Website, Professional Email, and a 1000 Word per Month Blog for $220- A complete business package.

Are you a business owner in need of a website and blog? Perhaps you have a website that you are not happy with and looking to make a change- No Problem!

CCI understands that your business needs you to run it. Being an owner is a hectic and difficult job and we realize that you do not have the time to build a website and write a blog. Sadly, most WEB development companies will convince you to get a website and then as an afterthought they tell you "By the way you need to write a bog to get traffic." A website without content is almost useless. Most business owners do not have time to market their business and build a website and update webpages- much less write content.  As a solution to this problem, CCI offers an all-in-one solution in which we build you a website and blog and provide full management.  


You will receive your business domain such as MyBusiness.com The domain will be hosted and managed by CCI and you will have 24-hour support in the event of any problems with your domain. 99% uptime so you never have to worry about your site being down. 


Your website will be built with a Front, About, and Blog pages. The site will reflect your business information such as address, contact information, map for easy location, and plenty of information concerning your businesses primary work. CCI will build your content around your competencies. Your visitors will see a professional website that represents you and your business. The website will be built on the award winning Wordpress platform. 


Your site comes with a fully managed blog that will have relevant content intended to drive traffic to your business. Don’t worry about the writing- CCI will provide you with a 1000-word article every month to keep your blog and website active and selling your brand. You won't find a better deal than this!


Your email will be professional and easy to install. xxxx@mydomain.com will provide your site with professionalism. Don't worry, as you grow you can add more emails for additional users. 

Standard SSL

Your site comes with a standard SSL certificate that protects information moving to and from your website. This is especially important for businesses who may be selling products and services on the WEB. Protects password and credit card communications. 


The cost of this service is $100 per month. This cost includes site monitoring blog maintenance and content updates as well as necessary changes to the site and blog as needed for search engines.  This cost includes the 1000 word per month blog that is relevant to your business. 

After Purchase 

After purchase you will be contacted by email in order to fill out some information to setup your account. Once this information is in the system we can begin working on your site and blog. We realize that you are busy and will only contact you with the website to let you know when it is running and to make sure that the information is correct that is posted on it. (We will contact you quickly, please allow for time differences.) 

Terms of Use 

This is package service. If you purchase this package you will agree to CCI being your developer for your Website and Blog. Should you end your subscription or wish to take your domain or website to a  to a different company this will end the subscription service and you will no longer receive content from CCI.  For additional fees websites can be altered or redesigned to different specifications. Content is written based on your business specifications but is not rewritten to your liking. Content is created that represents your business and is aimed to drive traffic.  

Your website will be built on Wordpress using your choice of free theme. If you desire to use a different theme that costs money, you will need to pay for this theme.

You will be responsible for all pictures for your website. CCI does not supply photos for your website. If you need stock photos we can suggest different services. 

If you desire to add more pages to your site which are not included in this package, you might incur more charges depending on the amount of work or customization involved. 

If you need special features such as product embedding, applications, or special features, then you should contact us first prior to purchase because this will cost more. 

CCI will not engage in spamming of any type and if we think that you are attempting to use our service for this purpose we reserve the right to terminate service. 

Termination of service- if you default on monthly payments, you will lose your website and hosting. 

This is a service billed monthly from your initial date of purchase and allows for a grace period of 5 days for payment prior to your account being closed.