Subscription Terms of Use and Refund Policy

Terms of Use


By purchasing a subscription from Creative Concept Industries you (subscriber) will receive your articles by email within the appropriate time frame starting from your purchase date. For example, a monthly subscription starts on the date it was purchased and within 30 days of that date you will receive your content. Creative Concept Industries will not be held liable for late delivery due to spam or other possible unintentional electronic delivery issues.

Rights and Use

The subscriber will own the rights to use the material as he or she deems fit. Once the subscriber has been given the material, all ownership and rights are now the subscribers- providing the subscriber has made payment and there are no chargebacks pending. 

Chargebacks/Uncollected Funds/Money Owed

In the event of a chargeback or failure to pay for a subscription, the subscriber will forfeit all rights to the material they have received. Continued use of the material will result in a complaint under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that will be presented to the subscriber and their Hosting. Continued use of material will result in litigation.

Refund Policy

Subscriptions are digital goods and there is no means of returning it practically. For this reason, there is no refund on subscriptions. If there is a problem with your subscription, Creative Concept Industries will work to correct this problem. By purchasing a subscription, the subscriber agrees to this refund policy.