Our Hawaii Community & Local Business Services


In Honolulu, we can get 100,000s of visitors each month.  This level of tourism drives many businesses without much effort. This a blessing and curse that most businesses in Hawaii do not understand. It’s a blessing because there is plenty of market share for most businesses that deal with tourists. The constant stream of people coming into the state provides for some crazy business practices.  You see it everyday in Waikiki. If you go into any store you will see how prices change constantly and daily. There is often little logic in the pricing as it just get pushed up or down.  One can actually find the same item in the same store priced two different ways. The funny part is that this goes unnoticed by the tourists because they are only here briefly, and they don’t have time to learn these nuances with the businesses. 

All of this is to be expected in a tourist state, but the cursed part of this situation is that it breeds bad business practices. For example, most of the businesses in Hawaii have terrible websites, or their sites are so neglected that they are not functional for selling. This goes ignored because the companies concentrate on their primary business which is selling to tourists.  This is a mistake and a bad one.

Ecommerce is a powerful means of selling that can be implemented alongside of the primary business.  There are many products that you cannot get anywhere but in Hawaii. For most people, Hawaii is a once in a lifetime trip and if they like your products while they are here- they will likely order them in the future if they have access to them from a website.  Not having a functional e-commerce is a lost opportunity!

If you need a website for your business in Hawaii we offer many different services that can help you.  Contact us for a consultation.  Don’t lose the opportunity to make more profit from your website.   

Hawaii is our home and we seek to improve our home as much as possible. If you live in Hawaii and you need assistance with your online marketing and business development we can offer you special pricing and in-person consultations. (Honolulu and surrounding areas.)  Hawaii is an expensive place to do business, and we specialize in helping our community build new businesses or improve existing ones.  We offer a wide variety of WEB development and content marketing solutions that can improve your online business.

WEB Development- Put your website to work and make it more than just a window dressing. Your website should provide functionality for you business. Whether you are looking to sell goods, provide information, or book appointments, we can assist you in building a website that fits all your needs. 

Content Development- The written content on your site is vital to driving traffic and sales. 

Ecommerce Tools- Your website should be a selling force for your business. We can build you product descriptions and help you create variants and show you how to design your product content to rank in search engines. 

If you are a Hawaii based business contact us and well will provide you with special pricing and service. 

In Hawaii, it is important that you website build a large online local presence. There is a great deal of competition not just from local markets but also from the mainland.  Creative Concept Industries provides your business with the best possible digital marketing plan. We have a system for gaining online traffic that allows e-commences to expand their market share. We use a combined system of content strategy, networking through social media, and finding new marketing channels that fit your company. 

Before you start dumping money into Facebook and Google advertising take a look at what content can offer your site. In most instances, content combined with the right networking will do more for your business than advertising or PPC. 

Hawaii Blog Post Writing Service

It’s a tough market in Hawaii.  We have lots of competition and it is difficult to stand out when it comes to online marketing.  Hawaii is an expensive place to do business and you need to know that your blogs are going to build traffic.  More effective than advertising on Facebook or other social media, blogs will provide your business in Hawaii with long term traffic because blogs never stop working.  Its something that most people don’t consider when looking at social media advertising vs blogging.  Most businesses see social media advertising as a means of obtaining traffic quickly and making conversion. Nothing could be further from the truth, and for businesses in Hawaii this could be a costly failure.  Businesses in Hawaii depend heavily on tourism and even if you business is not directly reliant on tourism it is probably indirectly connected with it.  CCI does not sell directly to tourists but most of our customers do.  This is an important factor because your blog writing service needs to be able to identify with this consumer and focus your selling in this way.  Attracting the correct clients is the most important aspect of blogging.  You need a blog writing service that understands the special nature of doing business in Hawaii.


Hawaii is a highly competitive business arena and you are going to need to make your ecommerce standout.  Blogging provides the means for differentiating your products and services. These blogs will reflect your unique value position and your brand.  Don’t rely on advertising on social media because this is not a strong means of building a consumer base. This is especially true when you consider the unique nature of many of the businesses and services in Hawaii.  Many businesses in Hawaii are in the tourist industry or have tourist as their largest customers. What does this mean for your business?  It means that your marketing funnel starts long before that tourist arrives.  You will need to blog in order to capture these customers long before they step on the plan.  Our blogging services can be used to provide you with a real marketing funnel that builds on tourist audiences as well as local consumers.