Adult Pleasure Toy Business

We are currently updating our documentation for the adult pleasure toy business model and Eldorado. If you have questions regarding this model please contact us. 

The Adult Pleasure Toy Business Model is a fully developed store that comes ready for selling. The following documentation is used for a stores regardless of the type of adult store you have purchased. Even though you may have a complete store with all products built and managed, you still need to understand how your store works and how to manage it.  The Shopify system is designed to be user friendly, so you will easily grasp the system as you use this documentation.  This documentation is meant to show you how to setup your store but does not include concepts such as content which you will need for your Shopify store.  

Drop Shipping Documentation

Eldorado supplies a large number of products for drop shippers. Arranging these products on Shopify can be a bit daunting if you are new to the Shopify or Eldorado systems. This documentation will show you how to design smart collections specifically for Eldorado products. If you have questions please send them here.

Creating a Collection

You will need to sign into your Shopify store and from the admin click on the product link on the menu on the left then click on Collections.

Collection Page

From here you will be taken to the main collection page. You will click on the Add collection button at the top right corner of the page. You can't miss it-it's the big blue button. :)

Collection Add

This will take you to a blank product page that looks like this:

Blank Collection

At this point you need to open your Eldorado store link. This will take you to the product catalog:

Eldorado Catalog

From here, one can see that there are a large number of product categories on Eldorado. When you click on many of these categories it will have subcategories. Eldorado arranges its product in this manner in order to create the most accurate method of finding items by category. You can do this on Shopify as well. It really depends on the types of products you wish to sell and the branding that you give your site. For example, some sellers might concentrate their market on BDSM or women's items. In either case you will need to design your collections according to categories. We will design a collection called Clothing and Body Wear. If you go back to your Shopify collection page, you will enter into the Title box "Clothing and Body Wear ".

Collection Title

Once you enter the title you can choose to enter a description on the collection page. Some people do not use descriptions in this area and leave it blank but I (personally) think it is wise to enter a small description on the collection page to help with SEO. Leaving the page blank will effectively put no content on the page other than the title and this can lead to the collection not ranking well in search engines.

Collection Description

The description can be short but it should be unique and accentuate the products that are in the collection. At this point, you should take care of your Visibility and Collection Image.

Collection Visibility

In the area of visibility, I recommend clicking all of the boxes to be active. This allows you to expand your selling at a later date without having to go back and change the collections.

As far as a collection image is concerned, you can use your own photo or one of the photos that Eldorado supplies with products. Whatever photo you use should reflect what the collection is marketing. Here is how it might look:

Collection Image

From here you will need to choose the conditions. Conditions are the parameters that you select for the collection which will allow the products to filter into it automatically. Click Automatically select products based on conditions and set the Products match to any condition:

Collection Conditions

Now you will select the condition by clicking on the drop down menu that is showing product title and select Product Tag in the next dropdown select is equal to then you will enter your tags that you chose for products that you believe belong in this collection. Whatever tags you choose- any product with that tag will filter into this collection. Here is an example of how it will look once you have saved the collection:

Collection Filtering


In this collection we have all products that are tagged with Body Wear. This makes creating collections very simple and it also allows for collections to share products.

At this point the collection is complete and you can now save it. If everything is done correctly, the collection will look like this:

Complete Collection


You should click the view button at the top right and see how the collection looks on the website. Once you have completed the collection, you can proceed to learning about your navigation.

Building Collections with large numbers of Eldorado Products

There are some instances when tagging products for the purpose of categorization is difficult or impractical. Many of the adult toy stores choose to sell larger and varied product lines in this situation you will need to create collections based on titles and other data. Shopify provides a smart collection feature that works efficiently for dealing with large numbers of products.

Blank Collection

When dealing with large numbers of products, I find it best not to drill down on specific products or manufacturers. There is a tendency in e-commerce to think that more is better but this is problematic when dealing with large numbers of products. For example, products such as stimulators might also be referred to as massagers as well as multiple other names. If you were to create a collection for every possible name, your site will be dysfunctional because its navigation will have tremendous numbers of links. (If for some reason, you need to create large categories in this way, please contact me for assistance.) For this reason, it is better for branding as well as for functionality to create collections that are inclusive of the same products. Below we are going to create a collection for Body and Bath.

(Note: you have more options with multitier navigation but you still need to be careful with large numbers of collections.)

Step One- Go to Eldorado

Go to your Eldorado account. On the left side there is a menu. You should be able to easily locate Body and Bath Products. If you click on this link, the menu drops down revealing the subcategories of products. These subcategories are what you need. Now you are ready to create your collection.

Eldorado Categories

Step Two- Name Your Collection

If you go to collections and click new collection you will be ready to begin. Name your collection "Body and Bath" This name is meant for instructional use. When you are building your collection you may want to name it something that is more aligned with your brand.

Naming the Collection

Step Three- Create Conditions

If you scroll down to the conditions area, you will click on the any condition option. Then click Product Title in the first drop down menu and then click "contains" in the second drop down menu. In the next box type "Oil". If you click save this will immediately begin updating the collection with products containing the word oil in the title.

First Condition

We can now add in more conditions. Go back to conditions and click Add another condition in "Salt" as your next condition under the first one. Like this-

Second Condition

If you notice, I have used the word "Salt" as opposed to the plural "Salts". This is an important distinction because if you look on Eldorado, you will notice that the products under bath salts typically say "Salt" not "Salts". This is due to the fact that Collections or Categories of products on websites are typically named in an inclusive way and are in a plural form. This distinction is important because if you put the name "salts" instead of "salt" these products will not filter into the collection. For this reason, when you are in doubt about whether the search term should be plural or singular you can always try it with both. If you don't see the collection updating, then the term is not useful. When it updates you will see it doing this:

Updating Collection

If you follow this method for the different subcategories under Body & Bath Products on Eldorado, you will be able to create and entire collection with all of these products. This same methodology can be applied to other categories of products and if you want to showcase specific brands such as "Fifty Shades of Grey" you can apply the same technique.

Things to Remember

  1. Products are typically not named in a plural manner- check when in doubt!
  2. Do not create conditions that are the exact names of Eldorado categories or subcategories because this will not work. No one names an individual product "Bath Oils".
  3. Watch for the updating of the collection when a term is entered as a condition.

When dealing with large numbers of products there is a tradeoff between function and esthetics. You need to realize that creating large numbers of product collections can make the site difficult to use. One of the unique features that Shopify offers is the ability to design a collection. There are variety of ways to do this such as creating stunning collection pictures and using content to differentiate the collection in search engines. Here is an example of a collection that is designed to get attention and engage customers. Sample Collection This sample shows a basic way of using photos and content to get attention. While this example is limited it shows how collections can be used to get traffic in search engines. This is much more effective than just naming a collection "Bondage".

This type of design is difficult to accomplish when one is dealing with hundreds of collections. Having fewer more inclusive collections allows for better engagement through content. To understand this better imagine a collection named Bondage with a description that says "The following collection contains bondage related products." This name is not unique and will not stand out in search engines due to the large number of competitors. The description is also brief and is not unique. This is what many adult toy shops do when they are building their collections because it is easy and practical when dealing with hundreds of collections. This is what happens when you name a collection according to a product rather than trying to create inclusive collections that has many related products.

Building Products from Eldorado on Shopify (Adult Toy Store)

Drop Shipping Documentation

Eldorado supplies a large number of products for drop shippers. If you are new to Eldorado or to Shopify, this documentation will assist you with getting your products published. If you have questions please send them here.

Creating a Product

You will need to sign into your Shopify store and from the admin click on the product link on the menu on the left.

Product Page

From here you will be taken to the main product page. You will click on the Add product button at the top right corner of the page. You can't miss it-it's the big blue button. :)

Add Product

This will take you to a blank product page that looks like this:

Product Page

At this point you need to open your Eldorado store link. This will take you to the product catalog:

Eldorado Catalog

You can now choose a product from Eldorado and begin the process of creating the product on Shopify. Choose a product (in this case we have chosen Ann Devine Rhinestone Collar & Cuffs which is under Body Wear.

Eldorado Product

Making the product is extremely easy. At this point, all you need to do is copy and paste the appropriate information to the corresponding boxes on you Shopify Product page. Here is an example:

Copy and Paste Product Info

Don't forget your price, sku and upc:

Enter Price, Sku, ups

Your inventory should be set to Shopify tracks this products inventory and the Quantity should be set to what Eldorado shows as available. This is located next to the add to cart button:


The price that is showing in Eldorado is the wholesale price. You will need to mark up this price to what you desire to make on it. Shipping is not included in this price so you must either include it or use the Shopify upgrade for a premium store which has a shipping price feature. If you need assistance with shipping prices go here.

In Eldorado, you can use their photos which are found under Resources/Image Library the photos in the library typically have multiple photo angles for different views. You can access the photo you need by using the product ID search on the right side of the page. Just enter the SKU or the UPC and you can access the photos you need.

Getting Photos

Once you have downloaded the photos you need you can upload them to the product on Shopify. This is done in the image area of the product page.

Image Upload

Image Upload Complete

All that is left now is the Organization of the product and its visibility on the store.

Visibility and Organization

In the area of visibility, I recommend clicking all of the boxes to be active. This allows you to expand your selling at a later date without having to go back and change the products. Under Organization you will click the product type and enter the type of product it is. In this case it is Body Wear. The vendor is Eldorado because this is who you are purchasing from.

You will tag this item in accordance with the collection that you wish for it to filter into. (This will become clear in the Collection documentation) In this instance the tags would be what you believe this product fall under such as Body Wear, Clothing, BDSM, etc.

Once you have finished tagging the product, just hit save at the top right or bottom right of the product page and you have completed your first product. You view the product on your store by clicking on View button at the top of the page. This will open your site to the product page in a new window.

Before you post anymore products please look at the documentation for collections. You should also realize that you are using Eldorado descriptions and this classifies your products as duplicate content which will not rank well. You will need to consider content strategies to fix this problem. This is extremely important for Shopify stores.


Minimum Advertised Price (MAP)

Minimum Advertised Price or MAP is the lowest price that you can advertise a product. Most of the products sold on Eldorado do not have MAP pricing. Eldorado provides drop shippers with the MAP for products that this applies. If you go to Eldorado and go under resources you find the MAP pricing for products in the drop down menu.

MAP Pricing

There are several pages of MAP pricing. You will need to look through these pages in order to make sure that you have the proper mark-up.

MAP Pricing

Typically, if your mark-up is sufficient you will always surpass the MAP.

Navigation (Adult Toy Store)

This documentation covers the navigation and control of your website with a focus on the Adult Toy Store Turnkey business. There are two business models including the focused and unfocused model. We will go over each of these models in detail so that you understand the different ways to implement your navigation. Please note that this documentation is for the Adult Toy Store Turnkey Businesses, if you have purchased a different turnkey business you should go to your particular model under Turnkey Businesses.

Go to online store under sales channels and then click on navigation.

Navigation Step 1

You will see a box marked Main Menu and you will want to click edit menu.

navigation Step 2

Most of the time you will see a box that says Catalog and it will be linked to collections/all but if not it may be linked to a page such as the frontpage. If your site has mega navigation this catalog will be used to link to that system. This is good place to start if you have this type of navigation in your theme. If you do not have this form of navigation you can skip ahead to the By Collection section of this documentation.

Mega Navigation

Depending on the theme you have, your mega navigation may vary somewhat from this description. Don't worry it is easy to figure out by playing with it. To begin you will need to go to your Onlinestore/themes and click Customize Themes. The menu will look like this:

Navigation Step 3

In this section you will need to go to the section General (if it is not under General check Frontpage) and scroll down to Mega Navigation.

Navigation Step 4

If you wish to use this option, you will need to enable the mega navigation. You can now choose which links or collections you might wish to appear in this area. Every theme has a different type of mega navigation and it would be impossible to go into detail about how each one can be setup. Generally speaking, under the mega navigation area you can choose a number of columns with headings and links or collections that would go underneath. This will look something like this:

Navigation Step 5.

Notice that the heading Clothing shows up under the catalog. This mega navigation is a nice feature and works well for keeping your products organized. It is also clean and functional which makes navigating a lot easier.

There are some instances when this navigation option may not work the best. One issue is when you are dealing with large numbers of collections. If you tons of collections this can create an issue where the menu seems cluttered and bit confusing. Besides this issue, the mega navigation can be an extremely nice feature when dealing with a focused business model with limited products.

Simple Navigation

If you do not have or choose not to use mega navigation, you will then be using the simple navigation. Simple navigation is the most common form of Shopify navigation. This system works well if you have laid out your collections and products properly. If you go to online store under sales channels and then click on navigation you can then click on Edit Menu on the Main Menu. On the catalog link set the link to Web Address and then copy and paste this into the box next to it: /collections/all

Navigation Step 6

Save the menu and click the navigation button on the left side menu. Normally, this link is already there and if it is then just hit the navigation button on the left side menu. From here you will click on Add Menu. You are going to title your menu Catalog and in the Name area below choose one of your collections and put the name of it in the box. In the link dropdown choose collection. Then choose in the dropdown next to it the name of the collection that you want. One final task- you need to place your links in your menu in alphabetical order. In the picture above there is a small dotted box next to the names of your links. Just grab that box and you can now shift the order of the links. Now save your menu.

Navigation Step 7.

Save the collection and you will now go to your front page. You should see a Catalog link on the menu on your front page. When you scroll over this link the collections that you linked to this menu should appear below Catalog.

Navigation Step 8

You have now created your navigation menu. Whenever you create an item that you want people to find, you will need to crate navigation for it whether it is under an existing menu or under a new menu.

Navigation is extremely important because if you do not link your navigation properly to products and collections, the customer cannot find it. Worse yet, if you don't link something properly then search engines may not find the product or page and this is terrible for SEO. While this seems obvious to many people, you would be surprised how often people forget to link their products and collections into navigation. This often happens when dealing with large numbers of products.

You will need to practice with navigation and try to decide on the best method of linking pages and products. You should try to plan this navigation in relation to your collections. Remember you can create your navigation any number of ways so you are not limited to what I have shown here. It is also good to create a navigation that is organized from the start because if you have a lot of collections or products- changing navigation styles at a later date can be a pain.

Setting up Your Store’s About Page (Adult Toy Store)

Building an About Page for an Adult Toy Store

The About page is more than just a business description. The About page tells the story of your business and provides customers with the history and focus of the company. People utilize your about page for the purpose of understanding your business and learning more about how it works. This page is an essential tool for selling because it sells and establishes your brand as well as providing credibility for your site. You don’t need to have a long history of being in business to have a good About page.

For the Adult toy business, this page is an essential tool because many people do not understand the adult toy business. There are many misconceptions concerning adult sexual products such as the entire business being focused at bondage or specific products. Because of the large number of products that Eldorado provides, it is possible to brand your company in almost any way you want. For example, an about page for a fictitious business that sells all different sexual products might look like this:



About Fictitious Sexual Products Inc.

FSP is committed to bringing its clients the highest quality and best service.  As a client, your loyalty and value is our number one goal. To this end we resolve to provide you with our Customer Commitment:

  • Best quality products and services
  • Safe and secure transactions with your personal information guarded at all times
  • Fast dependable customer service to help you what you need when you need it

Our Company

FSP was founded in 2016 with a commitment towards providing products that benefit consumers intimate needs and desires. There are many companies that sell sexual products but few seem to care about their customers beyond the sale. FSP wants you to feel comfortable and relaxed in your search for intimate products. For this reason, FSP was founded with the customer as its primary focus.


FSP is here to assist you with all your needs. Please feel free to contact us as or you can write us at:


123 Somewhere Street

Somewhere Town, 11111


This example of an about page shows how to build a basic page for a store selling a variety of products. This same design can be tailored to more specific stores such as Male Enhancements. It would be impossible to show all the different ways to create an About page for these businesses so if you need assistance please contact me. 


Your Domain (Adult Toys and Entertainment)

As we discussed in SEO Monster, domains impact SEO and need to be considered carefully on this basis. Domains also need to be considered in terms of their ability to be remembered and entered easily into the browser. While this seems like an odd thing to many people unfamiliar with ecommerce, it is actually extremely important. For example, your domain URL should not be too long. Really long URLs can be problematic for customers because they cannot remember them or misspell them. For example, the name was not the best choice for my domain for several reasons. The most important is that it does not speak to what I do. This was a tradeoff that I made because I wanted to build a brand around this name. The other problem is that it presents issues with email because the name is so long people cannot remember it easily. Again, this is a tradeoff due to my desire to have a stronger brand recognition. 

It is really a personal choice, but domains should either represent the company name and brand or you should build your company name out of the best SEO practices. So if you have a company that sells Frozen Pizzas you might want to think about devising a name that is relevant to this product such as or etc. If you are ready to pick out a domain or would like to check to see what names are available then click on the link on the right side of the page "Choosing a Domain" and you can start working on your domain name.