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Finally, a fully automated business that makes you money without a ton of work!

This is an academic writing service that provides new tutorials on a custom order basis. The best part is that you don’t do the writing! That is right, this website comes with 500 of the most popular products in the form of essays posted as blogs. Great for SEO and great for getting customers to your site. AcademicCollective.com

How does it work?

Each blog posting is an essay, discussion, or term paper which is used to drive search engine traffic. Customers looking for these specific tutorials or papers find the site and can either use the material that is posted for free or buy a new tutorial using the embedded product. When the product sells, you receive a 10% commission. It’s that easy! We even manage the email for you so you don’t have to.  

What am I buying?

You are purchasing a domain, hosting, plan, and the content for the website. (monthly charge applies to your hosting unless you wish to use a Gmail account and go to a less expensive hosting.) This content is yours and you have the right to do with it what you please. If you want to change it- go ahead! We recommend leaving it on your site to keep traffic coming and not putting it on other sites because this will dilute your SEO. The domain AcademicCollective.com has been in use since 2011 and the content going on this site is not posted anywhere else.   

One more time!

• You own the site
• You own the content
• You own the hosting
• You collect 15% on every sale
• We manage the customers
• We do the work
• Too easy!!


• You will be paid on a 1099 unless you wish to collect the money yourself. If you choose this option you will be responsible for setting up your shopping cart. 
• All billing is performed through Homework Mountain (Owned by Creative Concept Industries) which is where the products and cart are located.
• Any form of spamming will not be tolerated and we reserve the right to shut off your products without warning if you are engaging in spam. 
• Either party can terminate this agreement at any time which results in the disconnection of products to your site. 
• Once your content has been posted you will be responsible for the up keep, updates, and looks of your site. 
• We will monitor and deal with email unless you wish to perform this function. If you choose to do this function, we will not be responsible for miscommunications between you and the customer that result in errors or in the worst-case chargebacks.