Turnkey Business Solutions

Turnkey businesses are a great way to get into a business for a low cost. These businesses come fully developed so you don’t have to worry about building, coding, or designing the website. CCI offers numerous business model that comes complete with products, pages (About, Front/Welcome), and one starter blog. All our turnkey solutions come with the following components: 

  • Shopify Customized theme and standard Shopify Support (includes blogs, documentation, and tons of great information that Shopify provides free of charge to make you a success!)
  • CCI Product updates emailed to you regularly
  • CCI product management
  • CCI documentation that is specific to your store and industry including: documentation, blogs, and updates to help you!

If you are looking for an online business that you can start marketing right away, then check out our business models below. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.  

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Starting a Small Business

Starting a small business is a goal for many people. With the growth of the internet, many people see building a website or purchasing and an ecommerce as an inexpensive means to starting a new business. While online businesses can be a less expensive than traditional businesses, they also present many challenges. It is a widely held myth that websites generate business.  Simply putting a website up will not create business unless you have a really high demand product that people cannot find anywhere else.  Understanding this fact means that any website you build or buy will need to be marketed in order to create business.  CCI creates small businesses that are low cost to obtain and allows for you to market and not worry about development.  These startups have products, and some have content which reduces your time and cost for developing a site.  

Best Online Businesses For Sale

Not to sound trite or redundant, but you really do get what you pay for.  If you are planning on buying an online business, you need to realize that the price will be contingent on the amount of money that the business earns.  You will read many different pricing strategies for determining the value of these businesses, such as 3 months revenue is a good selling/purchase price. None of these methods are really accurate because a business has what is known as intrinsic value. This is the value that goes beyond assets or revenues and has to do with the brand and frankly- what the value of the business is to someone else. The truth is that a business is only worth what you are willing to pay for it. For this reason, we have created these small businesses that are priced competitively with having to purchase an established business or building it yourself. None of these businesses can be purchased or built for less than twice what we offer them.    

New Website Businesses- No Development Needed

Looking for an ecommerce that is ready to implement?  No problem, CCI offer a variety of ecommerce solutions that are low maintenance and allow you to concentrate on your brand and marketing. These businesses are built such that you only need to take ownership of the store once it is setup.  You will fill out your information in your account area and choose your payment processor. Depending on which business you choose we will provide you with the product updates such as quantity and new photos as they become available.  These businesses are easy to manage because they are either digital goods or dropship businesses. If you don’t see a business that interests you, contact us and we will try to help you.