Migration from Magento to Shopify

The trend is clear- more and more online stores are switching to Shopify from Magento.  The need to switch is clear, Magento is much more difficult ecommerce to develop and often requires a Magento developer which is not always easy to find. If you don’t have a Magento developer you will spend an enormous amount of time learning the platform.  If you want support you will need to be willing to pay a large fee which is around $20,000 a year.  For most small businesses, Magento is too expensive, too difficult, and too time consuming. The recent upgrade for free Magento users has pushed many companies to make the switch to Shopify.  If you are considering switching to Shopify, we offer a number of packages for this conversion, but in most cases you should contact us to get a more detailed quote. We are glad to help you decide if Shopify is the right fit for you or if another platform would be a better fit.

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