Content Articles & Blogs on Demand

Content Articles & Blogs on Demand

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Choose the number of articles and the lengths that you want.

Content is the only proven solution for online selling. The problem is that it is a daunting task creating enough content to get into search and to hit the correct audiences. It’s not just a volume issue it is also a quality issue.  You need quality, relevant content that drives search results.  CCI has a solution for the serious retailer who is looking to get their website into search and to drive conversion.

When you purchase this plan, you will receive articles that are relevant to your products and to your site.  Articles are written with your brand in mind and provides you with the content necessary to get your website ranking.  

All articles belong to you. You own the copyright and can do with it what you wish.

Articles are written to drive traffic in a number of ways but our general strategy is as follows:

  • Consumer focused marketing- we start with your products and write articles that are intended for people searching to buy those products.
  • Core competency- we write about your company and why it stands out against the competition. Reflecting what makes your organization different is the intended goal of this strategy.
  • Engage the reader- these articles may have nothing to do with your products but are intended to build brand awareness e.g. if you are selling golf equipment we may write about Master’s Week.

This content package is for the serious marketer and/or medium to large companies looking to expand their marketing online. This package is meant for one company and can be used on multiple sites such as subdomains.