Shopify Websites Need Content To Create Online Traffic And Conversion

Content for your Shopify Store

As a Shopify development partner, I may be biased, but Shopify offers the most efficient and practical means for opening a new online business or adding a an ecommerce to an existing business. The Shopify content management system is easy to learn and provides a complete system for selling that is easily integrated with payment processors and other applications.  For these reasons alone you should have your site on the Shopify platform. 

While Shopify offers many benefits for businesses, it also presents the same challenges as other website platforms. Ranking a Shopify website is normally the most difficult part of the marketing and advertising development.  Some of the challenges in this area have to do with the fact that Shopify is an ecommerce and a content management system.  These two challenges are typically the normal roadblocks on the way to successful marketing and selling. 

If you are reading this page it was because you were looking for content for your Shopify store, and our content was able to get you here! We can build content that does the same for your store. Check out our content solutions.

Ecommerce and ranking in Search

Ecommerce’s are, by their nature, not good for SEO. The basic problem is that products are not considered good content. Search engines rank content based on relevancy, quality, and age among other factors. These particular factors alone make most products poor content. The recommended method for overcoming this issue is to create unique product descriptions that are tagged properly and have compelling titles. While this is necessary and beneficial to ranking your site it will likely not take you to the top of the search engine. Why you ask? Well, there are other factors that impact your products ranking such as traffic. 

It may sound funny to say, but search engines are popularity contests. If you don’t have traffic, Google ranks you lower than more popular sites. So you essentially need traffic to get more traffic.  The problem does not end there. Search engines also snub their nose at you because your new. New domains don’t have the same rank as older domains, but, newer content is ranked higher than older content which only adds to the complexity of SEO.  As you can see, ranking is difficult for ecommerce because these sites are ranked lower for their product content and their age and popularity.

Content overcomes problems with search engines by providing them with the content they desire. Buy articles and you will rank better.

Content Management Systems Impact SEO

What makes Shopify so easy to use is the fact that it is a content management system.  These systems allow for the easy creation of collections and products.  However, this same system can be harmful to your rank in search. The reason that this occurs is due to the fact that products filter into multiple collections or categories and this can create duplicate content. There are methods for controlling this problem such as using canonical links and indexing meta tags.  These solutions are helpful but because of the way that most collections are used they naturally do not rank well.

The problem also has to do with the collection itself.  Building collections is for many businesses serves to provide customers with better functionality or convenience when searching for products.  In my opinion, this is the most overlooked area of Shopify stores because in many instances, collections are simply left blank.  Collections rank in search engines, and placing original content on these pages can reduce the problems with duplicate content. More importantly, collections can serve as landing pages.  If a collection has quality content on it this can increase your visibility in search results.  

What You Really Need Is Content

As you have noticed from these two issues with Shopify, content is most effective solution for building page rank. Your site should be filled with rich unique content in order to compensate for the issues with search engines. This means building a blog, building pages, and creating unique content for products. If you have large numbers of products it may not always be possible or practical to build content for each product.  This is especially a problem with drop shippers who are using manufacturing descriptions.  This content will not rank and you will need to concentrate on other areas of content that will allow you to rank.  If you can imagine, you want to surround your products with as much rich content as possible. 

 Content Solutions

We offer high quality content solutions that fit every budget.

Is content a perfect solution? No, but it is the best solution. Part of any good online marketing plan is having a content strategy.  If you are on a low budget and have to choose between forms of marketing, I would opt for content over all other forms of marketing. The reason is that content, unlike advertising on social media, returns higher quality traffic and keeps working 24 seven- not just when you are paying. 

What are the disadvantages of content?

Content does not start working instantly. It takes time to build content and to write it.  It can also be costly on the front end or at least appear to be costly.  Articles and other forms of content have to be written and this presents an issue with buying because purchasing large amounts does will only lower the price for the content to a small degree. Our largest plan is 365 articles and this breaks down to about $38 per article.  The only reason we will offer this writing at this cost is because you must pay for it all at once. The truth is that you really would not want to go much lower in cost because you start getting into extremely low quality work. This is another disadvantage to content- reliable writers. 

Finding content writers is extremely difficult.  There are times when we must turn off our products because we cannot take on new content projects. Beyond there being a shortage of content writers, there is also the issue of quality writers.  There are many services out there that offer articles for as low as $5.  This is ridiculous cost and you will get really low quality work that may even just be cut and pasted from somewhere else. Don’t use these services! You will be sorry.

Buying poor quality content will damage your rank- not help it!

The Bottom Line Is That You Need Content

If you want your Shopify store to rank and build quality traffic over time, you will need to invest in content.  If you can write it, then you should because it this will give you the best bang for your buck. If you cannot write the content, then you should consider a content plan that will fit your budget.  We offer a variety of plans and if you don’t see one please feel free to contact us so we can assist you further.