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Personal Trainers and WEB Development

Personal Trainer WEB Development and Management

Personal trainers are typically dedicated individuals who spend enormous amounts of time working with clients. Building a fitness business is no easy task. The last thing that trainers want to do is start working on a website after working with clients all day. Websites and blogs are intended to assist professionals not create more work for them. Ideally, trainers want to use websites and blogs to enhance their business processes as well as to help them advertise their business. There are several ways to achieve this goal which can be managed in a practical manner.

Expert Documentation

Posting exercise documentation such as how to perform certain exercises, exercise plans, using videos, or building diet and fitness models for clients is fantastic way to drive business to your site.  One of the major initiatives today is online coaching, and this can be fantastic means of increasing clientele without making a schedule unmanageable.

Innovative Products

If you are still small and trying to grow your business, you may want to consider offering subscription based plans, or specific goal based products. Subscriptions offer a fantastic way to smooth and increase cash flow. One of the many issues that trainers run into is that they adopt poor cash handling practices early in their business startup; such as taking cash per session. While cash is always a good thing, it does not provide a sustainable system of long term growth. By taking subscriptions you get paid whether the client attends their session or not. Subscriptions or memberships also offer the ability to offer bulk discounts which clients like because they can save money and you collect more on the front end.

Websites offer the ability to create specific goal based products.  For example, there are many individuals who are seeking to accomplish a specific goal such as increasing a bench press by 100 pounds or increasing their flexibility.  Your expertise can be published into an eBook or digital good that can provide this information which has the benefit of being sold over and over.  Perhaps the most important aspect of the innovative products is that they can expand your business and allow you to help more people by providing more efficient and sustainable options then merely meeting with clients.

Blog Content

Content is a huge factor in the personal trainer industry. Potential clients want to know who you are and what you represent.  If you can write a 1000-word blog once a month this is a great way to build your business over time. Creating a blog is something that takes time and effort which is often scarce when working in a service based industry. There are many approaches to managing this aspect of your business but the most effective is to have a company that provides content that is specific to your business, your values, and the way you define yourself as a trainer.  When you work with a company that is experienced with writing content you will develop a relationship which allows for a mutual understanding of what you are trying to achieve as a personal trainer. This is vital because the content must be unique to you and your business to help you build brand.

Managing Clients

Websites and blogs are fantastic ways to manage clients. You can integrate Facebook, and other social media to make announcements. You can link Mail Chimp and other email marketing programs to your website or blog to gain larger followings and to keep your clients up to date with newsletters. You can also add client calendars for booking appointments as well as other options that can reduce your workload.  If your website is not helping you manage your business than something is wrong.  


There are tons of applications that can be applied to websites such as calorie counters, body mass indexes, and many others.  While many of these applications cost some money, they are a worthy consideration if you need or desire to supply your clients with tools of this nature. 

Don’t struggle with your website!

If you are personal trainer or fitness expert and you don’t have a website or your website is not doing anything for your business, then you need to consider changing what you are doing with your site. Perhaps the site is underdeveloped or ignored because you do not have the time to add content or update the pages. If you are experiencing any of these issues you should contact CCI and ask us about our web development service for personal trainers. We can provide you with free consultation and tips for improving your existing site or if you desire you can become a development client with us and allow us do the heavy lifting while you concentrate on your fitness business.