Hawaii Car Service

The importance of quality customer service. 

Customer service is a huge aspect of any business. There is a trend today to automate everything using websites and mobile applications. While these features are a great convenience, they do not replace good customer service.  One of the major drivers of my business has been my concentration on customer service. I always try to answer emails as fast as possible and to deal with issues quickly. If you don’t do these things, you will lose business. I recently dealt with a company during my move to Hawaii which highlighted the importance of customer service. 

My recent move to Hawaii was complicated by having two cats. The primary difficulty in this situation was timing. I was arriving on July 1st which was a Friday and I had to get out of the airport to meet my rental office before 5pm or be stuck with two cats looking for a hotel. I tried multiple car and limo companies trying to schedule a ride and most of these companies only wanted to deal with me through the internet. This was extremely frustrating because I could not discuss the issue of my cats with the companies and I did not want to schedule a pickup and then have issues with the driver. This is a typical problem when service companies attempt to automate every aspect of their scheduling and work.  Luckily, I called Hawaii Car Service. From the time I contacted the company I was extremely pleased with the service I received. 

The owner/driver met me at the airport after having a lengthy conversation with him concerning different aspects of the move. I actually learned more from the owner of the car service than I did from the company I hired to to expedite my move. He knew where the animal quarantine facility was located and he helped me through the process every step of the way. 

Initially when I was setting up my ride from the airport I spoke with a taxi service (who were very nice) but they could not schedule a pickup ahead of time. Other companies that I contacted could not seem to deal with me except through email. For this reason, customer service was a major factor in my decision to use Hawaii Car service.  I felt comfortable with the company and the owner gave me the facts of the situation as well as what we were looking at as far as time involved in transportation. The deciding factor for me came when he said:

Aloha Vincent, thank you for your call. My name is xxxxx with Hawaii Car Service. I am texting you from my mobile number. In summary I am confirming transportation for you and 2 cats on July 1 from UA1224 arriving around 2 PM. You will be ready about 1 hour later at the quarantine office. Your destination will be Walina St.and you must be there by 4:30 PM. In the event that your flight is late, our company can pick up the key for you if that's all it entails so that you have access to the unit. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, to modify or cancel the existing arrangements.
Thank you!

You will not find that kind of service from most car service and limousine companies. You will certainly never find that kind of service with a taxi. This kind of service is what consumers are looking as a deciding factor for purchase. A company can have all the best applications for selling and scheduling online but if the customer feels neglected, ignored, or their needs are not being taken care, it is likely that they will take their business elsewhere. Oppositely, good customer service oriented companies get referred by customers and gain brand loyalty. No matter what type of company you have, customer service is still the best driver for business.