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The Skills You Need to Write Content

Bad Content Writer

Content writing is a challenging task because it has many different elements that  can diminish its effectiveness.  The first of many issues is the point of whether you can write your own copy or not. While you do not have to be a Shakespeare to write content you must have some skills in order to focus the writing into meaningful articles and blogs.  More importantly you must be able to write in a manner that utilizes keywords effectively.  There are two important audiences that content is speaking which is the search engine and the search engine user. You must be skilled enough in writing to create content that the search engine will associate and rank with particular words and phrases, but you must also write this content such that it appeals to the reader.  

There are many nuances to content writing such as understanding the many different issues with search engines such as duplicate content, repetitive content, link density, keyword density, and use of links such as canonical.  When faced with this large learning curve, many entrepreneurs will look for other solutions such as hiring writers.

There are a lot of people who call themselves blog writers but you must do your homework before you hire one.  Most of the people who claim they are writers are not skilled at content writing. These so-called copywriters are people who were developers or web designers or worse yet, SEO/social media marketers who failed to deliver with their advertising gimmicks.  Any real bog writer will have a wealth of material that you can read, but the easiest way to judge the writing is to look at their website. Do they have well-written blogs? If so, this is a good indication that they are a skilled blog writer.  You should also look at their products and web pages because these will show if they understand how to design web pages for their own business. If they cannot write good blogs and pages for their own business then they won’t be able to do it for yours.

One major clue you should look for is how you came to be on their website. If you are reading this article it is because you were looking for a blog writer and trying to deduce how to choose one. If you arrived on their article because you found what you were searching for online; chances are you found a good writer. Follow these guidelines and you should find a good writer, but if you don’t your business may suffer from poor content development.

The Danger of Bad Content Writing

Content writing services for blogs and websites are highly specialized services that many unscrupulous companies have attempted to cheapen by offering low cost copy. This is a very bad problem because these writing services can severely damage your ranking in search engines.

The danger of bad copywriting begins in the fact that it is usually poorly written.  Poorly written content on your website looks terrible to customers and it can also be confusing to search engines. Search engines are smart, and they can understand a great deal of what your articles are saying. If you are posting poorly written copy, then this can confuse the search engines. For example, poor contextual use of language, serious grammatical errors, and large numbers of misspellings can confuse the reader.  A search engine is not as discerning as a reader. Search engines do not take the time to “try to figure out what you are saying”. The search engine will simply mislabel or associate your content with the wrong ideas and your site will not show properly in search results.  This problem is actually common due to the fact that bad copywriters use tools that cause these issues. The worst part of this problem is that search engines are smart enough to recognize when articles are redundant or poorly written. If you use poorly written copy you take the chance of being kicked out of search engines because the copy may be considered spam.

Bad copywriting companies utilize programs called spinners which take articles and change the words in the way that a thesaurus would.  These articles are often nonsensical and make your site look and read in a terrible way. This solution is absolutely ridiculous when you think about it because even if you rewrite articles this is not good marketing. 

Think about when you watch TV commercials. You don’t the same commercial copied and changed around to look different. The reason is because commercials are supposed to be unique and memorable. So, when we think about content in these terms, what would be the point of rewriting and article over and over? None.  Even if you were rewriting the articles in perfect English and with no errors, you are still not adding to your company’s value proposition. For example, if I write an article about “the benefits of content for your website” and then rewrite this same article 100 times, then I haven’t said anything new.  Now, if I write 2 articles about “the benefits of content for your website” and “how content builds sustainable online business” I now have two unique value propositions that customers can find and engage. This is good marketing because you extend your marketing reach by expanding the number of possible ways that consumers can reach your site.  

There is no way to automate the writing process.  The reality of writing is that it is a human skill at present. Machines do not have the capability to write articles and this means that you will need to write articles or pay for this service.  Don’t hire cheap content writers because you will pay dearly for it when you site gets spammed by search engines. There are many different options for purchasing quality copy.

(To be continued)