A Review of the Webkul Multi Vendor Marketplace

I recently learned an important lesson concerning recommending applications to my customers. I was working on a project and we were trying to use a marketplace application in order to test a business that was high risk. The idea was to use a market place application rather than spending a large amount of money to build a custom market. So we decided to use the the Webkul Multi Vendor Marketplace because it had good reviews and seemed to have all the options we needed. How wrong I was!!! 

Here is a  video of the marketplace struggling to import 10 products. Thats 10 products! I stopped the video early it went on for another 10 minutes before the server timed out.

This is the worst application I have ever seen! There is no function on this application that works. We have spent two months trying to get this application to work and the developer has done nothing to fix it despite promising to work on it. Where do I begin with the problems?!

  • The application is so slow that the vendors have refused to use it.
  • The import does not work at all so you have to import through Shopify and then import the products into the marketplace.
  • The vendor profiles will not load for over thirty seconds in most cases.
  • If you can get your products to load the sorting function takes forever.

The choice to use this application in lieu of creating a custom account system was a catastrophe. This has cost my client money and vendors and here we are two weeks after a launch now looking to build an entire vendor system from scratch. This is low quality terrible work that should not be allowed on the Shopify system.  I don’t know how this application got so many stars but trust me it is garbage.  

In the future we will build our own marketplace apps.